11/10/2023, 1:20:38 AM Chapin Adjustable Sprayer Nozzle

SPRAYER PART ADJ. NOZZLE. This product is an adjustable nozzle, from the Chapin brand, made of brass in a conical shape. It is compatible with most sprayers of the same brand, including the models 1941, 1831, 1480, 1449, 21250XP, 21240XP, 1749, 1739, 6002, 6300, 97500, 97300, 97700N, 97600N, 21210XP, 21220XP, 21230XP, 1253, 1280, 1180, 1380. Its nozzle tip seal eliminates any type of excess build-up on the extension stem that can cause unwanted dripping when your shut-off valve wears out.
Weight4.00 lbs.