4/12/2024, 7:25:12 AM "Lane Shift Ahead" Roll-Up Sign 48x48 MD SPEC (W20-5(4))

Providing adequate time to merge is essential to site safety. The “Right Lane Closed Ahead” road construction sign delivers a standard warning in a bold color and finish drivers cannot miss. Measures 48” x 48”, MD SPEC, MUTCD W20-5(4). 3m Orafol fluorescent orange with bold black text and border, reflectivity for low-light applications. Sturdy, cross-braced rib assembly with lifetime-guaranteed corner pockets, ID legend and storage strap. Anti-kiting device keeps sign out of traffic in the event of wind gusts. Questions about state compliance? Contact us and explore more roll up construction signs at 95TSS.

Lane Shift Ahead Sign: Ensuring Safety with Clear Warnings 

Navigating through construction zones requires clear and timely warnings to ensure the safety of both drivers and workers. The "Right Lane Closed Ahead" road construction sign is a crucial component in communicating lane shifts, providing drivers with ample time to merge safely. This comprehensive guide explores the features, standards, and significance of the Lane Shift Ahead Sign, emphasizing its importance in promoting road safety. 

Features of the Lane Shift Ahead Sign 

1. Standard Warning in Bold Design 

Measuring 48" x 48" and adhering to MD SPEC and MUTCD W20-5(4) standards, the Lane Shift Ahead Sign delivers a standard warning in a bold color and finish that drivers cannot miss. The size ensures visibility from a distance, offering ample time for motorists to adjust their lanes. 

2. High-Visibility Construction 

Constructed with 3M Oracal fluorescent orange material featuring bold black text and border, this sign ensures high visibility even in low-light conditions. The reflectivity of the sign is especially crucial for night-time applications, providing clear warnings in all lighting situations. 

3. Durable and Sturdy Design 

The Lane Shift Ahead Sign features a sturdy cross-braced rib assembly with lifetime-guaranteed corner pockets, ensuring durability and longevity. The ID legend and storage strap add to the convenience of handling and storing the sign when not in use. 

4. Safety Measures Against Wind Gusts 

Equipped with an anti-kiting device, this sign is designed to stay out of traffic in the event of wind gusts. This safety feature prevents the sign from becoming a hazard during adverse weather conditions. 

Importance of Lane Shift Ahead Signs 

1. Providing Adequate Warning Time 

Lane Shift Ahead Signs play a critical role in providing drivers with sufficient warning time to adjust their lanes safely. This is essential to prevent abrupt lane changes and ensure a smooth flow of traffic through construction zones. 

2. Promoting Safe Merging 


Clear communication about upcoming lane shifts helps drivers merge safely, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of both motorists and construction workers. 

3. Compliance with Standards 

Meeting MD SPEC and MUTCD standards, the Lane Shift Ahead Sign ensures compliance with state regulations, promoting uniformity and consistency in traffic control measures. 

4. Enhancing Overall Road Safety 

By alerting drivers to lane shifts ahead, these signs contribute to the overall safety of construction zones, reducing confusion, and minimizing the potential for collisions. 

Explore More Roll-Up Construction Signs at 95TSS 

For those seeking state-compliant construction signs and a broader range of options, 95TSS offers a selection of roll-up construction signs to meet various regulatory requirements. Whether you have questions about state compliance or need specific signs for your construction project, our team is ready to assist you. 

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