1/24/2024, 3:32:22 AM 8-LB Fiberglass Handle Razorback Sledge Hammer

 The fiberglass hammer that never goes on strike. Made in the USA, this sledgehammer has a double face forged steel head that’s been heat-treated for maximum safety and durability. Overstrike protection, an epoxy head-handle connection, and fiberglass handle make it a trustworthy mainstay in multiple industries. Less wear and tear with reduced risk of broken handles. Material: Alloy steel, fiberglass. Weight: 8 lbs. Handle length: 36”. Color: Red and black. Ideal for demolition work and driving spikes and wedges. Looking for more top-quality tools? 95TSS has the best range of construction hammers, engineering hammers, and more.
Weight8.00 lbs.