11/10/2023, 1:21:54 AM Plastic Type I Barricade W/ HIP Panels

BARRICADE TYPE I w/ HIP PLASTIC PANELS. This product is a type 2 collapsible barricade made entirely of polypropylene. It has two reflective panels, both top and bottom, both are 8 inches long. In addition, it has a built-in light support. It also features durable and weather-resistant galvanized steel legs, meaning they do not rot and are moldable.

Type I Barricades: Affordable and Versatile Traffic Safety Solutions

Type I traffic barricades, also known as A-frame folding barriers, are essential tools for ensuring pedestrian safety and directing light street traffic. These versatile traffic barricades are designed with a single reflective rail and are an affordable choice for a wide range of applications. In this guide, we'll explore the features and applications of Type I barricades, highlighting their benefits and versatility in various settings. 

Type I Barricades Features

Type I barricades offer several key features that make them a popular choice for controlling pedestrian areas and light traffic situations: 

Reflective Rail: Type I barricades are equipped with a single reflective rail. This reflective element enhances visibility, especially during low-light conditions, ensuring that pedestrians and drivers can easily spot the barricades. 

Breakaway Design: One of the standout features of Type I barricades is their breakaway design. Upon impact, these barriers collapse to prevent accidental damage to vehicles or surfaces. This design not only protects property but also reduces the risk of injuries in case of collisions. 

NCHRP-350 Approved as Sign Stands: Type I barricades are NCHRP-350 approved as sign stands, making them versatile tools for displaying important signage. They can accommodate signs up to 48 inches wide, making them suitable for a wide range of traffic management and safety applications. 

Applications of Type I Barricades

Type I barricades find applications in various scenarios where lightweight control and safety are essential. Here are some common use cases: 

Pedestrian Safety

Type I barricades are ideal for safeguarding pedestrians in areas such as parking lots, small street repairs, and crowded events. Their reflective rails and collapsible design help create a visible and safe barrier. 

Crowd Control 

In situations where security personnel need to cordon off sensitive areas or manage crowds at events like parades, street fairs, or small concerts, Type I barricades are a valuable asset. They can help maintain order and guide attendees effectively. 

Municipal Work Zones

Municipalities often use Type I barricades for various projects, including sidewalk repairs, sinkhole demarcation, and hazard identification. These barricades provide a cost-effective solution for ensuring public safety in work zones. 

Light Traffic Safety

For local street repairs and light traffic management, Type I barricades are a practical choice. They help redirect vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the risk of accidents in construction or maintenance areas. 

Transportation Hubs

Airports and transportation hubs benefit from Type I barricades for directing passenger flow, marking off construction areas, and ensuring safety in busy terminals. 

Public Works Projects

Public works projects often require temporary traffic control measures. Type I barricades can be used to mark detours, warn of construction zones, and guide traffic safely around maintenance areas. 

In summary, Type I barricades offer an affordable and effective solution for a wide range of traffic management and safety applications. Their reflective rails, breakaway design, and approval as sign stands make them versatile tools for safeguarding pedestrians, controlling crowds, and enhancing safety in various settings. When heavier-duty road or crowd control is needed, 95TSS recommends upgrading to Type II or III traffic barricades. Consult with our experts to determine the approved uses of Type I barricades for your specific project needs. 

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